Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Avery - An Update

On January 21st, Avery was 2.5 years old. I cannot believe my firstborn is such a big girl. I was pondering what updates to write about and I realized there isn’t a thing she can’t chat with me about. Her language has developed so much since Henry’s birth. She still talks about herself in the third person. "Avery wants to do this and Avery wants to do that.” She weighed 25 pounds today at the planetarium at UTA, but she is still petite with skinny little legs. Here are some tidbits:

-Taking her photo is tricky. She rarely poses because she wants to operate the camera.


-Our local library has a new program for toddlers to get their own special library card. We’re there once or twice a week so we decided she needed one. She was pretty excited.


-We go round and round about drawing “eggs” on her hand. EVERY.TIME.WE.PLAY.MARKERS


-I used the word “craft” one day when I gave Avery some stickers, paper and marker and now we’re “crafting” all the time. “Mama, Avery wanna do some crafts!” We started hearts of all sorts last week. Note to self: Sort through the adult-themed conversation hearts before Avery starts reading. We saw Text Me, Friend Me, Tweet Me, Play Now, Baby Doll, U Can Do It and Go Go Go.

DSC06403DSC06404 DSC06406DSC06408 DSC06409

-My crazy haired, sick girl getting some sun and playing with some rice.

DSC06428 DSC06429

-Speaking of crazy hair…..welcome to Whittney’s Barber Shop. I wanted to cut her hair a bit to get rid of the scraggly ends. I certainly wasn’t going to pay someone $20 and watch her scream the whole time, so I cut it myself. I cut three inches (way too much!) and it isn’t even close to even, but she thinks it is “amazing” and “awesome.” That is all that matters, right?


-We love cozy bubble baths.


-She is such a great big sister. I’m not just saying it because she is my child. She really is wonderful with Henry. She wants me to meet his needs immediately, even telling me “Mama, boy is crying! He needs his dinger snacks!” Translation – He wants his dinner snacks so hurry up and feed him. I am also amazed at how both the kiddos are in tune with each other. He looks for her when he wakes and she cries if I load her in the car first saying, “Mama, don’t forget the boy!”


She doesn’t like to share her Daddy, but she will.

As long as he keeps a hand on her.

Love my Sweet Avery.



Mommypotamus said...

She is so precious!!! What were you doing with the rice?

Esther said...

So darling and cute! I love her haircut. I've never taken Curt to the library; maybe we can meet up there soon.
Avery is so beyond blessed to have you as her mama!

lsprad said...

I cant believe how big she is!! Turing into such a little girl. And I had to laugh at Esthers comment about never taking Curt to the library--such a boy thing!! It took me years to take Austin without leaving in tears!! Girls love libraries..boys take some training!

Whittney said...

H - Nothing special with the rice. Just letting her make a mess. :)

E & L - Avery has been going to the library since birth almost every week with me, so it is a normal part of her life! I suspect Henry will be the same, but my expectations of his behavior will have to be different.

Mandi said...

How sweet! Such a cutie, and a petite Big Girl, indeed. I think Noa has at least 3 pounds on her right now!

You are inspiring me with your library trips and your crafty playtime. I need to get over my germaphobia and hatred of mess (stickycrumbaphobia?)...

Wonderful update, Whitt. Thank you!