Sunday, August 17, 2008

Avery Update & Fun Pics!

Avery is doing so well....her little legs and arms are filling out and I'm sure she's 9 pounds by now. She has had a regular nap time for the last few days and has slept for 3 hour intervals the last few nights too. Unfortunately, my body hasn't adjusted to the long periods of sleep and I wake after about 2.5 hours needing to feed her to relieve my discomfort. Barry has been awesome this weekend and has successfully put her to bed both nights. She is starting to smile at us and she has a crush on her daddy for sure.

We're headed to A-town over Labor Day and I can't wait for my family to get to hang out with her. She'll get to me her Grandma Robb, Grandpa Mac (LOL!) Uncle Sam, Uncle Nick and both sets of great grandparents.

Dad's successful go-to-bed routine.

She needs some time to grow into her stroller!

I LOVE TV face! ( She digs the Olympics.)

"Mom, don't look at me while I'm eating."

Jr. Dickie


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