Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School Photos & Interviews! {2013}

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Avery’s Interview

  1. Mommy asks her child to recite her name:          Avery
  2. How old are you?      5
  3. What is your favorite color?      Purple
  4. Who is your best friend?     Morgan {from VBS}
  5. Favorite animal?     Cat
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up?      The boss
  7. What is your favorite movie or TV show? African Cats
  8. What is your favorite book?     Berenstain Bears “Greedy Gimmes”
  9. Who makes you happy?      When Henry yells “Poop!” at me [This Mama is so over bodily function humor]
  10. Who makes you sad?      When Henry hits me
  11. What is your favorite food to eat?     Kit Kat at the movies
  12. What is you favorite song?     “All Have Sinned”
  13. What game do you like to play?    PBSkids.org Dinosaur Train!

Henry’s Interview

  • Mommy asks her child to recite her name: Henry
  • How old are you? 3
  • What is your favorite color? Blue
  • Who is your best friend? Caleb
  • Favorite animal? Horse
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Big and strong
  • What is your favorite movie or TV show? Toy Story 3
  • What is your favorite book? Road Work Book
  • Who makes you happy? When Avery says “Toot.” [See?! UGGGGGG!] 
  • Who makes you sad? When Avery hits me
  • What is your favorite food to eat? Green beans
  • What is you favorite song? “All Have Sinned”
  • What game do you like to play? Trains

    Previous interviews here: 2012 & 2011



    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    Avery’s Kindergarten & Henry’s Preschool Curriculum {2013/2014}

    The big day is approaching – we start official Kindergarten next Monday! We have chosen Sonlight as our core curriculum and Avery will also be attending a homeschool enrichment program at a local Christian school on Wednesdays. Here are the details:



    History – Bible – Geography – Read-Alouds – Language Arts: Sonlight’s Core A – 4 Day Program


    Supplemental Language Arts: Explode the Code’s Primer Set


    Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting K

    A Reason for Handwriting, Level K, Complete Homeschool Set

    {I chose A Reason for Handwriting over the popular Handwriting without Tears because I prefer the traditional style of the letters and using a 3-line paper rather than the odd 2-line paper. Also, the copywork is always Scripture. Also, I simply find the HWT style to be weird and ugly. Anyone else? I might re-visit this with Henry though. He is left-handed. Click here to see sample of the writing style and tell me if you agree!}

    Math: Horizon Kindergarten

    Horizons Math Kindergarten:  Student Book: 1


    Science: Nothing formal – Nature DVDs and whatever science books we have on the shelf. We added some Usborne Beginners books about chickens, frogs and sea creatures.

    Field Trips: My goal is one a month but that might be pushing it. We have decided on the Dallas World Aquarium  and the Perot Museum for sure!

    Homeschool Enrichment on Wednesdays: Avery is so excited about being able to have a “real” school experience once a week. She will attend a private school with other homeschooled children kindergarten through second grade once a week from 8:15-3:15. A long day for a little girl! I never thought I would participate in a program like this, but after meeting the teacher and students and touring the school, I was so pleased. She will start the day in a chapel service and have class periods: art - science lab - computer/typing - technology/Mac lab – music – library – PE and of course lunch. She will also participate in special events like Grandparents Day and See You at the Pole, etc. She is so excited and I’m giddy just thinking about her wearing the cute uniform!



    Preschool Workbooks: Rod and Staff Preschool Activity Books

    Set of 4 Preschool Activity Workbooks


    Other: A big Playdoh kit with ABC cookie cutters and any of the million toys/activities we have in this house that will keep him busy. The experts {other homeschool moms} tell me he will learn along with Sister.


    Wish us luck!


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    Sunday, July 28, 2013

    Birthday Bash 2013

    When I invited everyone to Arlington to celebrate Avery’s first birthday, I never thought it would become an annual tradition. It has though and every year in July, our entire family {minus a few here and there} makes the trip. And every year I take fewer and fewer pictures. What is it?! With every child, the camera use declines by 75% at least.

    Avery & Samuel ARE FIVE YEARS OLD and starting Kindergarten this year! Henry Boy is THREE! My baby is three. I just can’t believe it. This year was a Tangled theme – I’m pretty sure that me and Avery were the only ones who really loved the theme. The boys weren’t too impressed with The Smolder. The water slide was purchased again thanks to generous donations and we had another fabulous weekend.

    Big Year! All three kiddos dominated the slide without help!

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    The BIG gift!

    DSC00492 DSC00486 DSC00487 DSC00489 DSC00490DSC00503 DSC00495DSC00494DSC00497 DSC00499

    Yep. Frying pan cake plates! Rapunzel’s weapon of choice.


    Here’s a little vid of the bike reveal:


    Happy Birthday my three favorite kids! Love you bunches!


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