Thursday, September 18, 2008

8 Weeks!

We've had a very busy week. We visited the midwife yesterday and Avery now weighs a whopping 11 pounds 8 ounces...whoa! She's not really my petite little girl anymore. All is well with both of us and my midwife said I could go forth and multiply. I might go forth...but probably won't be multiplying anytime soon!

We have also been running around town to the mall, Wal-mart and having meetings with my old bosses. I am going to start slowly doing a bit of contract work for them both and see how it goes. This is us at the mall in the ghetto nursing room....we will be going back to the mall that has a Nordstrom. They have a nice nursing room as I'm sure you guessed.

We've been taking walks every night to get Avery out into the fresh air and for the past two nights she has been wearing long sleeves and a little jacket. So cute! She started getting fussy one night so Barry finished the walk holding her....the second picture is how she slept for about half a mile.

Just another Jr. Dickie picture!

Avery's sleep habits have been very predictable since about 5 weeks old. She takes a bath and then we wrap her in her burrito (Dad tapes it for extra coziness) and she sleeps. Well, not the last two nights. It's like she knows that the swaddle blanket means she has to go to bed. Screaming fits unless Mom or Dad rock her to sleep. Then I wrap her while she's groggy and she only sleeps for about 3 before she's grunting around. Woe is me.

This is what happens after Daddy goes to work in the morning.

*Blog beautification is set to take place soon. So, except for Ducky Friday, I will be taking a break from posting until we get back from a visit to Austin on the 26th-28th. Will return with many pics and a tricked out blog!

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