Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Invasion

We had a family weekend...Jules and Mike were here for an Eagles concert and Cowboys game and Mom, Marc & Sam stopped a night on their way to Austin. So, Avery had a very busy weekend of shopping and eating at restaurants. It was excellent. Avery made out like a bandit with some new clothes from Grandma Robb and Aunt Jules. We have Halloween and Christmas outfits covered!

Sleepy girl at Gap.

Sling girl at Dillard's.

Jules can try on shoes and keep Avery happy.

Barry getting a taste of life with twins!

So tired from her weekend.


Programming Note: If you haven't already, please look to your right. > You will notice a cast of characters. I have provided a glossary of family members so you will always know who I'm talking about.

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