Monday, September 22, 2008

Nevermind on the break...

I know what I said. I was going to take a break and be back after our trip. I'll just admit what you're thinking...I'm addicted to blogging/Internet/e-mail. I should be cleaning the house while Avery naps. Lucky for you I'm not and you get to see some weekend pics!

So what do you think of the new design? I think it's marvelous. Thanks to Pink Armchair Designs for the pretty blog and thanks to Lynsey Stone for sending me a few of my birth photos.

My girlfriends here hosted a shower for Avery on Sunday. So fun!
Thank you all so much for the afternoon out.

Barry went to the ranch with Shea (Lesley's husband) and they shot a chupacabra.
Not really....but the kids' school project made great target practice!

Just some sweet Avery shots.

Pretty pink entrance at the shower.

We have started the adventure of cloth diapering. We got some awesome diapers at the shower. Avery is modeling her new loot!


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