Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wool...I'm not diggin' you.

I know that cloth diapers are by nature bulkier than disposables, but this is just ridiculous. This is our wool diaper cover......supposed to be good for nighttime. I'm not feeling the wool thing. I don't think Avery is either.



JB and Cindy said...

those pics crack me up!! Can we say wedding slideshow one day?! Oh and how perfect is that pillow for posing her- wonder who the clever one was who suggested that?! LOL :)

Whittney said... chiro recommended pillow is perfect for my neck and Avery photo shoots! Been thinking about you..

speedymom said...

Haha!! This is the cover I bought....Dani didn't mind it but it was HUGE on her too! It worked great at night for us thank you!