Tuesday, October 14, 2008

12 Weeks - Sniffle. Sniffle.

What has happened to my tiny beebs? She has outgrown her clothes, is holding her head up, staring at and eating her hands, grabbing her feet, practically talking in full sentences and trying desperately to roll from her back to belly. She is such a curious little creature...unless she's hungry, she will be entertained for hours by a crowd of people. Even then, she will take a gulp and pull away (often taking me with her - OUCH!) to see her Dad walk by or smile at me. Then back to eating she goes.

Thankfully, my motherhood journey has been exciting and wonderful. I have struggled very little and usually a rough night is followed by 5 easy ones. But lately, I have been struggling with something unexpected.....the fact that she's getting older. Of course I love that she is growing and developing well. I look forward to her walking, talking and eating (she's going to be a foodie like her Mama), but I have been struck quite hard by the fact that she will never be a newborn again. That time is gone. Three months just flew right by me.

I've never been one to look back...you know like those people who say they would love to be in high school or college again. NOT ME! Good riddance to them both.

I'm one of those people now though. Just wishing I could have my tiny Avery back.

Just sleeping with Mama.

Can you see Avery in the little mirror?
Her Daddy is telling her we'll sell her to the gypsies for $5 if she's not good.
She smiled in defiance.

A hat for chilly fall nights.

See her little tiny curls blowing in the wind?!?!

Her new favorite thing...seeing the world sitting up.


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