Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Fair Fun & Lovely Leo

We had a marvelous weekend. Well, not completely marvelous. We had to get our blood sucked on Saturday for our life insurance physical. Barry was sure the dude stabbed a tendon because his arm was swollen. We both feel much better now though...we wouldn't leave our sweet Avery with nothing if we died!

We also went to the fair again on Saturday. We still had free passes and about 60 tickets that we couldn't waste. So we got more fried food and Avery got another day of overstimulation. Poor thing had a rough afternoon after her skipped nap. Fully recovered though and sleeping peacefully with her Dad as I type.

And can you guess what I did today!?!? I went to a vid. Alone. It was awesome. You all know the love affair that I have with vids. The last movie we saw was two days before Avery was born. That's almost 3 months people! Barry watched the beebs while I went out for a quiet breakfast and then to see Body of Lies. For two hours I watched the delightfully delicious Leonardo Dicaprio play a super cool CIA agent in the Middle East. Leo and I go way Romeo and Juliet when I was in middle school. It was so wonderful to get out. It was even better to come home to a happy girl playing with her happy Daddy!

Dickster's blood sucking experience.

Me and AV looking cute for the camera.

More fun at the fair!

Her latest accomplishment.....grabbing and hanging on tight.

Her Aunt Zelpha hat for chilly evening walks.



Mandi said...

Wow - Momma and Baby are both looking gorgeous!! You guys are a fun family to stalk.

Whittney said...

Hey Thanks! Without a sense of humor...I might go crazy!