Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Red Light Update!

I got online to check out a video of me supposedly running this red light. I didn't actually RUN a red light. I just made a right turn on red without actually coming to a stop. I clearly slowed down and looked to make sure a car wasn't coming. I tried to upload the actual picture but they have put a block on it.

I knew it.....I don't actually RUN red lights.

All my excuse making isn't going to take away the $75 fee but it makes me feel better.

Not going to let "the man" bring me down.



mandi said...

Haha - that's awesome! Much better than my red light pic a couple of years ago (i was totally guilty). You clearly see me peering out the window at the camera, mouth gaped open, as I zoomed by.
Can you use their video in your defense?

lsprad said...

Oh--this is what just happened to me?? By chance was it near the APA office? I got a ticket in the mail a few week a go from the light by the office--I too knew that i would NEVER run a red light...but when I saw the video, I see that I was making a right and slowed down and then went...because I know that intersection like the back of my hand!! it still sucked writing that $75 check!