Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Avery, I command you to be still!

I have come to realize that my photographs will never be what I want them to be without a new Nikon D60. I searched the Internet for information, forced Barry and Avery into the cold to travel to Best Buy and made Barry pretend like he was swimming to see this marvelous camera in action. It truly is perfect. BUT, unless I win the lottery, we will not be owning a Nikon D60. So, out of dreamland I go to my public library.

At my neighborhood library, I find a book about digital photography that is going to help me use my camera better. My mind is swimming with all I will learn. No more bad lighting or blurry Avery. All will be well in the world!

I learned in the first chapter that shutter-release lag is a big problem for me. Meaning that when Avery smiles, I push the button and it takes about 3 seconds to shoot. I've missed the shot. So, I excitedly flip to the section in the book about overcoming shutter-release lag. This is what I read.

"So, what do you do if you have this problem? Short of going out and buying a better digital camera, you can:

* Get really good at anticipating shots.

* Exert control of the situation. For example, command people to hold still, or re-create the shot you missed.

* Lower your expectations of getting exactly the shot you want every time. "

Are you kidding me?!?! This is their advice? They might as well say throw your camera in the trash because you are doomed. Command Avery to hold still? Lower my expectations?

I put the stupid book down, but did explore my camera more that day. Here are some of my best shots.

This is Barry's "go to sleep" headlock.



JB and Cindy said...

This post had me rolling!! You crack me up! I may need to borrow B to help us put H asleep if that hold works- haha.

Anonymous said...

whitt- your banter makes me stop doing what I'm doing just to enjoy a good read. I will say this...do what I do...literally get in the face of your subject and snap hundreds of photos in two or three minutes...sometimes that single pic that 'sticks' will be worth it - not to mention that you will be deleting many 'lazy-eye' pics which can be good blackmailing material some day...Marc