Thursday, January 1, 2009

Avery's First Christmas!

We're back! Well, I've been back for several days but unfortunately I got sick on Christmas Eve and it has taken me a week to really feel better. (I will be discussing later why I think my immune system is lame. Stay tuned.) Aside from my swollen sinus cavities and way too much nose-blowing, we had a marvelous Christmas. I needed time away from the daily grind and 10 days at Mom's very busy house is quite a distraction from bills, cloth diapers and our small apartment.

Our plane ride wasn't as smooth this trip though....I was the chick with a screaming beebs. She was sleepy, but wouldn't take a nap. Wouldn't nurse. Wouldn't take her pacifier. The only thing she did like to do (besides scream) was flirt with a cute guy a couple rows behind us. Even I thought he was pretty cute and I got to thinking about how my daughter only flirts with cute boys. She knows......already. We survived though and she took a lovely nap the minute she hit her car seat.

Sadly, Jake did not wrestle as we planned because he is still healing from a broken/pulled/stretched rib gizzard. So we spent the several days before Barry arrived eating, shopping and hanging out with family. That's pretty much all we did after Barry arrived too!

Our sweet girl is such a blessing and watching her first Christmas was wonderful! Now we begin the countdown to her first birthday. And yes, I'm already planning. Pink cake. Pink balloons. Pink streamers. Pink EVERYTHING!

Avery exploring her airplane peanuts while I unpacked.

Sam is already practicing his wrestling moves....on his sock monkey.

My sassy Christmas girl.

Sam has a cool jumping toy that Avery loved.

My awkward little bro feeding session.
I'm a boob operator....bottles are a bit trickier.

I almost dropped them....almost.


Kikster and Sweet Beebs

Sam prefers a live opponent.

Daddy has magic nap powers.
She would NEVER do this with me!

I call this the "excited cousin squish."

Coco is a wonderful baby-snatcher.
My arms got a lovely break.

Letting it all hang out at church....dedicated to Cindy.

Christmas Eve Family of 3!



Mandi said...

Yay! You gorgeous girls are so great! Convince Barry to bottle his powers so the rest of us can benefit. And the yummy cousin squeeze is adorable - oooh they're all just so squishy aren't they!?!? Lovely pictures Whittney... good job!

Marc and Laura Rose said...

That girl of yours gets more beautiful every day. You look so good too! Glad you had a good Christmas, and we must get together soon!