Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Avery's Exciting Week

She wore her first pair of jeans.

She is still experimenting with foods. Like the obnoxious blob of sweet potatoes, which we've decided she really doesn't like. We thought the apple slice would be a good idea until her scissor teeth bit off a chunk. Never fear, I fished it out of her mouth before she choked.

Helping fold her cloth wipes.

This is her gym outfit....thanks Aunt Jules.

She gets real excited when we go to see Daddy after work.

Big Girl Status: 1st Bath in the Big Tub


And the best for last.....



Mandi said...

Haha - I giggled at the "Rarrr" pic. Avery is already such a big girl, it's hard to believe! I don't think Noa looks that grown up yet, does she??? :-) And apple slices... I am *constantly* fishing bitten-off pieces out of her mouth. Baby steps...

Whittney said...

I know! It's crazy what a little adult she is. And you're in denial...Noa looks like a tiny adult too! HA! :)