Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 Things About Dickie - Written by Dickie

1. I didn't volunteer to write this and I'm mad at Marge for making me waste my time. On the other hand, I'm pleased to see that I have so many fans.

2. One time I made out with my best friend's girlfriend at a best friend caught me...sorry Ty...I still feel horrible about that.

3. Being a social worker doesn't mean that I actually like people.

4. I've been pig hunting for 3 years and still haven't f@%!ing killed one.

5. I pay $60 to get my fro chopped.

6. I have really hairy arms and Marc makes fun of me.

7. I struggle with the loss of free time since Avery's arrival.

8. I worked at a pig packing plant after high school and I used to dream that the pigs were running around in the house....maybe that's why I want to shoot one so bad.

9. I wish I was a professional big game hunter in Africa.

10. I'm happy that my mom and Jules were here to see Avery arrive.....just in time.

11. I wish I could spend more time with my brother.

12. The first 2 years of college were a waste thanks to Keystone Light.

13. I think that eventually, I will be a hospital administrator.

14. I like some the the lamest movies ever made (Teen Wolf, The Goonies, Karate Kid).

15. Whittney says I have a very short temper and even less patience.

16. I'm very proud that Whittney is able to stay home with Avery.

17. I'm pleased that I was able to catch Avery as she slipped/flopped/slithered out.

18. I dominate the household duties women would normally do.

19. I'm proud that Whittney delivered Avery at home even though she was breech.

20. I feel dirty after I leave Wal-Mart.

21. I like to use Dutch words in at least 3 conservations a day.

22. Golden Corral stresses me's so gross.

23. I don't do roller coasters.

24. Getting married in Mexico was the best choice we could have made.

25. I hope all of you that voted for this list aren't disappointed.

*Photo lovingly added by Marge to highlight Dickster's killer Daddy skills.
Love you Dickie.



Anonymous said...

ha ha good and crazy stuff B... For the record I only make fun of your hairy arms because I have a problem with hairballs - your hairy arms are cool and manly I just don't want to picture any such loose hair caught up in a drain. sorry...Marc

Mandi said...

Ahem... I beg to argue with #14. Goonies is not, by any means, lame. And you are uber cool for appreciating its genius.

lsprad said...

This was great--Shea and I were quoting it tonight after dinner!! Run Pigs, Run!!