Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tiny Tidbits

#1 - I saw several people almost die a couple of days ago. I was stopped at a light and watched two women cross the street. One was holding a toddler and the other was pushing a double stroller, populated with a baby Avery's age and another toddler. They crossed without paying attention and I'm pretty sure they were in his blind spot. Screeching tires, smoke and a Ford diesel grill guard stopped about 3 feet from the stroller. I felt physically ill and wanted to take those babies and put them in my car. Mother instincts are quite fierce.

#2 - I can't believe people buy those lame chocolate roses for their lovers on Valentine's Day.

#3 - As mentioned in a previous post, I am so lost in a series of vampire novels. (Click on book to the right to investigate for yourself!) I resisted for quite some time and now I see the error in my thinking. They are the most lovely escape from reality. I might even be wearing a "Team Edward" shirt the next time you see me. Anyway, Avery's rough patch with sleep has left me with dark circles under my eyes and smears of old mascara I'm too lazy to remove. While looking at myself in the mirror a couple of nights ago before going to dinner, I chatted with Barry.

W: "Do I look OK?"
B: " Yeah, you look fine."
W: "I have dreadful dark circles under my eyes."
B: "Your makeup looks nice though. When did you find time to do that today?"
W: "That's still yesterday's makeup."
B: "Oh. (Laughs) Well you look great."
W: "Do you think I look like a vampire?"
B: "No."
W: "Too bad...I wish I looked like a vampire."
B: "You have gone completely crazy."

A big thanks to Lesley for bringing me the books so I would just give in and become addicted.

#4 - I'm exercising. Regularly. After a consultation with my Dad, I decided that need variety in my workout or I will quit. Turn off the machine, cancel my membership and tell Barry to hush when he asks me what happened. So, I do intense 3 minute bursts on each machine for 20-30 minutes. I don't get bored or overwhelmed. I can handle 3 minutes of anything...even that loathsome elliptical. I still need a simple stretching routine, though, so please leave me a comment if you have a plan.

#5 - I'm crushed every time I look at the poll....I mean, it's my blog, and you all are obviously much more fascinated with my husband than me. Whatever. He already comes home talking about changing lives at the hospital. Now he's going to think he's hot stuff in the blogger world too.

*Sweet Avery is peacefully sleeping and has been for the last 1.5 hours. Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers!



lsprad said...

Ok the only reason everyone wants to know more about Dickie is because he is the illusion to us all...we all KNOW you very well ( or think we do) ...its Barry who we think has some hidden secrets that we must know about!!

lsprad said...

Oh PS--Glad I could get you hooked on the Vampire cocaine!!

Mandi said...

I agree with Lesley. I've already seen your list... ;-)