Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The BIG Move - Night 1

Until last night, Avery's crib has been a play area.

"I will escape Mom."

Our plan was to move her to her crib around 6 months, but she got sick and we became exhausted. Coughing and snot woke us all up every 15-30 minutes for about a month. I never knew that it is perfectly normal for the common cold to hang around for weeks. Her symptoms are gone and she slept in her crib last night!

She woke every 2-3 hours and only nursed twice which is a big step. Except for the nursing, Barry was in charge and she only whimpered (and called for me to bring her snack!) for a few minutes and then zonked out until her next waking. We never left her to cry by herself and I realized that she trusts and is comforted by her Daddy. How lovely!

Today is my 26th birthday......Oh, how things change in a year. Last year I was lounging in a clean house eating cereal and today I'm having a Mama/Daughter birthday lunch. Who wouldn't want to have lunch with this sweet beebs?!?!

After a sweaty nap!

She likes carrots...until they get in her mouth.


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Meredith - proud mama of two said...

so cute! Congrats on a successful transport! Detox is going marvelous, btw. Actually has increased my milk supply on some days (you know, the days I remember to eat lots of protien!) missed you at Bible study!