Monday, March 2, 2009

Third Place! - Yay Jake!

We're back and had a marvelous time in Austin. Jake wrestled so well and brought home a third place medal. We are very proud! I will post pictures from his matches as soon as I get them. I left those to my aunt and her professional camera.

After a match.

On the podium getting his medal...I don't think any of them smiled. Cool guys.

Jake and Julia.

On to the kids! They were such troopers and only screamed occasionally. If you're not familiar with wrestling, you won't understand how tricky it is to bring two babies to the gym. You sit and wait, wait and sit, and sit some more until Jake's match. The match only lasts for 6 minutes, unless of course he pins his guy sooner, and then you're back to sitting again. Tricky, tricky. Oh, and let's not forget the victory dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at 11PM. We are quite diligent about her 7PM bedtime at home, so you can imagine how delirious she was at dinner. I've seen more relaxed CPK days, but that California Club pizza was so worth it.

We got away and cruised the mall on Friday. Avery played with Sam's toes.

Little Buddy and his sweet hat.

Robb keeping Avery entertained.

Relaxing at the hotel pool. We have a swimmer!

Avery likes to flirt with Jake...but only from the safety of Mom or Dad's arms.

"Help me Grandma Robb!"


I call this "Tiny Hotel Devils."


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