Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happenings at our House

We are both excited and sad that Barry now has a second job. It will make it easier for us to accomplish some of our financial goals, but it is draining for both of us. He is working 8 additional hours a week at a dialysis center. Just days before Barry's opportunity popped up, I had committed to working with an old employer for some extra money. I would have to pump and the pay wasn't even close to what Barry can make. So, Barry is being a super provider and Avery and I have a bit more time each week to cruise the library and play on our blanket at the park.

Speaking of playing, little Angel Mae (a name from her Daddy) is getting into all sorts of things these days. She decided to crawl for the first time this weekend in Amarillo with some prompting from her Aunt Katie (and her lovely necklace). I find that she really has to want to get somewhere to crawl.

Like here...investigating my desk.

And finding grease on the door hinges.

She really digs Cheerios.

And riding in the front seat.

She will stare you down if you walk past our picnic blanket.

And would you believe that my now 9 MONTH OLD! has 7 teeth? With every new tooth, I see her eat more solid foods. She likes black beans, cheese, Cheerios, carrots, avocado, and mango in particular. Anything green and plant-like (broccoli) is avoided at all costs. How do they know already?


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lsprad said...

Oh no--she is on the move!!Watch out! Actually I loved when he could mobilize himself--that's when he began to play a little on his own....hallelujah!!