Sunday, August 9, 2009


Avery & I met Lesley & Austin at Bedford Splash on Friday for some fun in the sun. It's like a mini Hurricane Harbor for kids 10 and under. Sweet beebs had a good time floating the lazy river and putting her hands in the waterfall.

I promise I applied sunscreen (a couple of times!), but the current in the lazy river must have washed it all off. She was officially burned. I slathered on the aloe vera and she didn't seem to be bothered, but of course I feel terrible. Her perfect sking has been tarnished! And no, she won't keep her hat on. I'll just make her wear a t-shirt next time. {Sigh}

W: "Avery, it hurts Mama when you pull my hair."

AV: "I must pull all those gray hairs if you refuse to get it dyed!"


She loves when we play on the floor with her, especially her Daddy.
He makes cool fortresses with the pillows.
And tickes me until I make my Kewpie doll face.

In other (unpictured) news, we left Avery in Sunday school for the first time today. She is a walking, talking social butterfly, so it seems more appropriate now. She was happy when we picked her up and they said she was "so sweet." She saw Barry at the door and her eyes got big, her mouth fell open and she was jogging across the room to get to us. She had a book in her hand (of course, she's my daughter) that got thrown down in the blink of an eye. She had fun, but she was done for the day. We realized shortly after leaving the remains of animal cracker crumbs on her face and hands.....I'm trying not to be irritated. An animal cracker never hurt anybody, but shouldn't they tell me before giving my child food? Are they serving drinks too? I just want to be informed, you know? I have a feeling I'm always going to be "that Mom." {Another Sigh} The message was great and it was lovely to sit alone with my husband on our church date.


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speedymom said...

Hey! I think I bought some diaper covers from you on craigslist. I saw you on the HAND website and thought I would check out your blog. I had a csection for my little one because she was breech :( I remember you saying that Avery was a breech. Anyways, I joined HAND and am excited to go for a VBAC on the next one at home or at a center. Maybe I'll see you at a meeting, or already have and didn't make the connection!