Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Haircut & Puppy in the Stroller

Avery got a stroller and puppy for Christmas. She takes her walks very seriously.

Her 1st Haircut

"Mama, help me!"

"Mama, pleeeease help me."

"Mama, you're mean."

She is such a big helper with the dishwasher and closet.

I have been so jealous of the snow in Amarillo. We don't get ANY here and we missed the few inches we did get at Christmas because we were traveling. I doubted we would get the 4 inches predicted yesterday, but we actually got 8 inches at our house. (From my scientific calculations with a ruler.) It was Avery's first snow experience and she could take it or leave it. Barry and I had fun though.

She wasn't a huge fan of the snow.
Probably because we don't own any gloves and her hands froze.

Eating the grapes that we used on the snowman.



lsprad said...

She looks so cute!! And oh the first hair cut...such a big moment!! She looks like such a little "whittney." ( uh out!)

marie said...

Whit, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! So so sweet! She is a lil girl Barry! Love watching her grow and change! Can not wait for the lil boy who I am "sure" will look just like you! BTW- You look beautiful as ever! So excited for your new lil one, !
PS -Mater is headed your way! :)