Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Austin Trip & BLUEBONNETS!

Avery and I took a trip to Austin last weekend so Barry could refinish our hardwood floors. (And yes, they look awesome and I will be doing a home improvement update soon.) I'm usually exhausted after I drive and travel with her alone, but this time she was so cooperative and happy in the car and during our visit. I actually came home with some energy!

All smiles during our potty break.

Reading about "haarrrses."

Hand investigation.

Avery loves animals in books and at a distance, but is generally terrified if they get too close. So, I was surprised and excited to see her conquer her fears and make friends with Billy. She followed the dog around all weekend yelling her name and giving her one piece of dog food at a time.

On Saturday we drove to Burnet to check out the Burnet Bluebonnet Festival.
The wildflowers in the Hill Country are beautiful right now.

Then we drove to Marble Falls to eat on the lake.
Avery likes lemons I guess.

Bluebonnet Beebs 2010

She only gave me a few minutes of cheese-ball poses this year, but she's still the cutest thing EVER. Now, let's take a walk down memory lane.

I'm gonna go cry now.
Time flies.



lsprad said...

awweee...precious photos!!
She does look soo big! So glad your trip was refreshing and not a beat down....and you got to enjoy time with your family! Cant wait to see those floors!

Mommypotamus said...

Love the pics, especially the last one from this year. She has grown so much!