Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweet Henry Jansen!

Happy Birthday Henry Jansen!
July 3, 2010 - 4:46AM
8lbs - 1oz
21.5 inches

(Herbal bath with Mama)

Henry is Barry's paternal grandfather (and great grandfather's) middle name and also his maternal great grandfather's name. Jansen is his maternal grandmother's maiden name. Henry is classic and Jansen is just cool!

My labor started about 2AM and he was born less than 3 hours later. It was more intense than Avery's birth because it was fast, but I'm not complaining! I tried so hard to get the midwife and photographer here at the right time. Not too soon, not too late. Our midwife arrived about 30 seconds before he was born, but sadly the photographer was one minute too late for the actual birth. I once again waited too long to call! Everything was just perfect though. Barry was so awesome and held his little head waiting for his body to be born before our midwife arrived! Avery slept soundly in our bedroom until 7AM and woke up just as we were finishing dressing him. The birth pool was still filling when he was born, so once again, no water birth! But we did use the pool for our cozy herbal bath.

He is just perfect and looks like Barry. His nose, jaws and toes are identical. He really doesn't look like Avery to me...he's so much bigger than her! He peed on me while I wasn't paying attention this morning, so I'm officially the mom of a boy.

Avery is adjusting well so far and is sweet, sweet to him. Hugs and kisses all the time. She even had a fit when I let her hold him and then took him back. She's going to be such a big helper if she doesn't accidentally poke his eye out or suffocate him.

He is nursing perfectly and we haven't had any issues. I have been surprised how sore my entire body is this time around and the afterbirth pains are just wretched, but otherwise, I feel like we were just doing this newborn thing (because we were just 2 years ago!) and it's like riding a bike.

We are so thankful for answered prayer. God is good and faithful to provide.

More photos to come!



speedymom said...

Congratulations! I saw his picture on Lynsey's FB page and thought, "what a gorgeous little guy!" Great name too!

Marc and Laura Rose said...

Whittney, wow! Henry is beautiful, and that is so amazing that he came so quickly and Barry got to hold his little head while you waited for your midwife to get there! I'm sorry you didn't get pictures of the birth, but so thankful everything went so smoothly. Talk to you soon.

Hannah said...

What a gorgeous story Whitney!!! I can't explain how happy I am for you! Can't wait to meet Henry! Enjoy these first days and weeks with your little man!

Meredith - proud mom of THREE! said...

Congrats. So proud of you. My one advice to raising multiple children - take all the help that is offered. Wish I was there to take Avery for a morning! You will do great.