Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Henry's Birth Story & Slideshow

The Birth of Henry Jansen

"For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self control."
2 Timothy 1:7

Friday, July 2:

Avery and I explore the neighborhood and visit a couple of garage sales to pass the time. I'm stir-crazy and out of errands. We beg Daddy to come home early and play with us...but that doesn't happen. He tells us to be ready at 3PM and he will pick us up to go to the chiropractor with him and then to dinner. My back is a bit achy and my hips feel "floppy" all day, so Barry's chiropractor (who is my midwife's husband) graciously offers to adjust me. I feel better almost immediately. We leave in a complete downpour and eat at Double Dave's Pizza. My appetite is zero and I don't like being so far from home, which is ridiculous because Hurst is only 20 minutes from our house. We have a normal evening but I really want to go to bed early, so at 9PM we all go to bed and I tell Barry I'll be surprised if I don't wake up at some point in labor.

Saturday, July 3:

1:57AM: I wake up to contractions, but they aren't regular or intense. I toss and turn for a few minutes and then start to have bowel issues so I know this is probably real labor. I get up and walk around the dark house while the contractions get stronger. I play around on the computer and try not to let my adrenaline get out of control. Labor is like a marathon and I get that nervous stomach kind of thing in the beginning if I don't keep it in check. I don't want to wake Barry until I'm positive labor is progressing use both of us being without sleep.

3AM: I tip-toe into the spare room where Barry is sleeping with Avery. I whisper "Something is happening" and he's up and starting the coffee in about 2 seconds flat. He scurries around the house organizing things. At this point I haven't called my mom or birth team because the contractions are still manageable and I don't want to wake anyone too early. Barry asks a couple of times if I should call everyone and I say "Not yet."

3:27AM: I text Cindy, my midwife, and say "Yo- Having regular contractions and bowel issues. What do u think?" She immediately calls me and says she's finishing up at another birth. She suggests wine (which I don't have) or a hot shower for 10 minutes to see if the contractions keep on or slow down. I agree and tell her I'll be in touch. I also text my birth photographer, Lynsey, and learn she's at the same birth with Cindy. These chicks never sleep!

3:30AM: Barry calls Mom and she leaves Austin to head our way.

3:40AM: I get in the shower and the contractions get stronger. I hang out for about 10 minutes and consider shaving my legs, but abandon that idea when Henry starts kicking me in the ribs. I think about the fact that this could be my last pregnancy, so I file away how it feels to be kicked and leave the shower.

3:44AM: I text my friend Lesley and thankfully she is up tending her beebs and starts praying for us. I tell Barry to move Avery into our room because he needs to start filling the birth pool in the spare room. I get dressed and gather up some supplies. He successfully moves Avery into our room and she keeps snoozing. Contractions are getting harder and although I can talk through them, I would rather not. I continue pacing around the house....still not calling my birth team.

4:14AM: I stop at the kitchen table and have a contraction that is overwhelming. I grab Barry when he walks by (remember, he is busy filling the pool) and tell him to stand by me. I think to myself that if I need him to stay close, I might be a little further along than I thought. I text Cindy and Lynsey that they're "Coming stronger and every 2 minutes and I feel pukey. Think u should head my way. Nervous about waiting too long." Immediately after texting them, I have a contraction and involuntarily yell. I come out of the fog and think "Oh great, I'm pretty sure I'm in transition and feeling pressure." I also thought that if I was already pushing when Cindy got here, I wouldn't have to have a vaginal exam and that made me happy.

4:25AM: Barry tells me to move to the spare room. He stays with me and holds my hands and it becomes clear to me that I'm pushing. I try to tell him how far along I am, but am having trouble speaking. He asks me what he needs to do or if he needs to time the contractions. I must say something to him that makes him realize that we're beyond timing contractions. The pressure is overwhelming and much more intense than with Avery. After a couple more contractions and me actually pushing involuntarily, Barry says "Don't you think we need to take your underwear off?" In my head, I laugh and think he's a cool husband.

4:40AM: My water breaks and Barry gets off the bed ready for some action. I decide at that point that Barry might be right about the underwear...wouldn't want Henry hitting a barrier. Continue having contractions and making way too much noise for Avery to still be asleep. I remember thinking "Please don't wake up, please don't wake up." Barry is behind me waiting to catch.

4:45AM: Henry's head is out and Barry is holding it.....waiting. I hear Henry make a couple of tiny cries while his little body is still inside. The intensity is once again overwhelming and I find myself fighting against the urge. I try to remind myself there is nowhere to go but forward so I need to relax and just do it. I hear Cindy burst (in a nice midwife kind of way) through the door and she sees I'm fighting so she tells me to "Relax into it." She has a gift....she saw me for less than 5 seconds and spoke directly to the internal battle I was having.

4:46AM: About 30 seconds after Cindy arrived, Henry Jansen was born and caught by his Daddy and Cindy. They pass him through my legs and Cindy says "Take your baby!" I talk to him and she reminds me to check to make sure he's really a boy. He is definitely a boy.

4:47AM: Lynsey arrived. (Boo. Boo. Boo. She missed the actual birth and it's all my fault!) She immediately starts snapping pictures. Henry and I are on the bed and Barry and I marvel at our very alert and quiet little man.

5:00AM: Cord is cut and placenta out. Barry calls my Mom, Dad & his parents to give them the news and we hang out on the bed while the herbal bath is prepared. We use the half-full birth tub and it is lovely. He nurses during the herbal bath.

5:00-6:45AM: Cindy does the newborn exam and Henry is perfect. He weighs 8 pounds - 1 ounce and is 21 inches long. I'm shocked to have birthed just a gigantic baby. Avery was under 7 pounds, so he is huge to me. After the newborn exam we dress him and he nurses again. Such a boy!

6:45AM: Grandma Robb arrives and checks out the little man.

7:15ishAM: Avery yells for us from our bedroom Barry runs to get her. She looks so sleepy, but smiles at everyone and we show her the baby. She understands right away and sits with me and Henry and smiles. I can tell she's going to be the perfect big sister.

7:30AM: Our birth team leaves and we're all alone to hang out as a new family of 4!

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."
Psalm 127:3

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Mandi said...

That was such a joy to read!

Whittney said...

Ahhh thanks! It was a joy to do it! He's such a sweet boy.

The Armstrong's said...

Crying! Love reading birth stories and seeing the pictures to go along with it! I cannot imagine birth any other way! Man, lots of people are missing out on one amazing experience!