Monday, October 4, 2010

My Life in Bullets

* My garage sale went well so I did make $150 for the consignment sale! I got Avery some of the sweetest fall dresses and outfits for $5-10 each. It is incredible that I bought 90% of her wardrobe for this season for $120. I bought Gymboree and Gap, not because they’re brand names, but because they have the best selection of modest and cute clothes. ALL FOR $120! It is possible that I’m obsessed with getting a good deal. I’ll try to work on that.

* Barry has a new hobby. Tonight I watched him load pecans in a slingshot and try to hit our rabid squirrels.

* Henry wore PJ’s to bed for the first time this weekend.


* I got my first stupid urinary tract infection last week. I tried to fight it for four days with every supplement known to mad, a chiropractor visit, no sugar diet, etc….and still I wound up with fever and kidney pain. So I visited the Dr. for the first time in years and started an antibiotic. Doesn’t sound complicated, but antibiotics are a LAST RESORT for me. They are poison and they mess up your gut flora. Most people are shocked to learn that Avery has never been on antibiotics! Still, we thought they were indicated with my symptoms. After four doses, I had a reaction and it seems I’m allergic to “sulfa" drugs. I wasn’t comfortable taking any of the other antibiotics offered to me while nursing, so I just stopped everything. It is incredibly hard to make decisions for both yourself and your baby while pregnant and/or nursing. I’m sad that Henry has been exposed, but my UTI disappeared after one dose and hasn’t been back.

* Avery and Henry had a well-visit with our DO last week. It was Henry’s first visit and Avery hadn’t been in over a year so it was fun to see the official stats. Avery has finally gained some weight and Henry is just big! The goal is for a baby to double their birth weight by six months of age. Henry is only one pound shy of doing that at three months old. Love my sweet beebs!

Sweet Avery

Sweet Henry


26 months

12 weeks



15lbs - 3oz


34 inches

24 inches



* Avery likes to play in the car while I sweep the porch or clean the garage. I always find her reading her books. I went to a book sale two weeks ago and came home with over 20 new books for her. Pappy’s birthday gift sure is coming in handy!

DSC05505 DSC05548

*I turned my head for one second. Poor boy!


~The End~



Debi said...

Whitney, it was so good to see your sweet family the other night. These pictures are adorable!! I really like the book shelf - what a great idea.
The new blog redo is lovely.
You're blessed!

lsprad said...

love that book can I get me one of those??;)
And totally LOL at the sticker on Henrys face....we have had that phenomena occur in our house too! AND Henry and Lexi weigh the same!!

Whittney said...

You too Debi! And yes, I feel very blessed. :)

LS - POTTERY BARN! Just add it to the kids' Christmas list!