Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday at the Movies - “Avery vs. Glass Shelf

My Sweet Avery got excited during a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and ran right into the corner of a glass display shelf. There was blood, tears and a Daddy rushing home because a Mama overreacted and thought she might need stitches. She didn’t and all is well.


She relives the drama in the video below.

Now that I see the photo above, I’m a little embarrassed I called Barry home.




Meredith - proud mom of THREE! said...

Thats hillarious that she calls him "boy." SO cute.

Hannah said...

I love watching how much she loves that boy! Glad she was ok!

Whittney said...

Yep. Sometimes he is "boy" and sometimes he is "Henry boy." She loves her brother. :)