Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas by Zelpha

My maternal grandpa, Pop, has a sister named Zelpha. That makes her my great aunt I believe. For as long as I’ve been alive,  her creations have been in my home. Booties and throws (not pictured) can be found in every single family members’ home. Here’s a little tour of her creations in my house at this very moment. DSC06020  (No, this wasn’t staged. Henry Boy plays with this bear and his matching bear wife.)DSC05997 DSC05987DSC06026DSC06015DSC06017

She can always be counted on to keep Avery and Henry warm too.

-October 2008-Close Up Snow Hat

-November 2010-DSC05957

Merry Christmas Zelpha!



Mommypotamus said...

Does Zelpha adopt????

Whittney said...

Ha! I'm sure she would!