Monday, December 27, 2010

Henry’s First Christmas – Bullets!

~ We made it to Amarillo in six hours flat and ate lunch at Taco Villa.

~ Avery (and everyone else) loved staying at my Dads house. He has a little kitty that Avery obsessed about our entire stay and Henry pulled on her ears, tail and any fur he could reach. She loves her Pappy and loved playing “groceries” and trains with him.



~ Henry Boy likes to be naked and destroy things.


~Avery opened a couple of gifts from us and Barry’s parents the night before we left so we could play in the car. And by we, I mean Barry. Due to my motion sickness issues, he entertained the kids the entire drive. He wants a minivan as soon as possible.

DSC06127DSC06120 DSC06126

~We had family pictures taken with Barry’s family while we were home. Two words: unfortunate situation. The wind was blowing 75mph. Avery was afraid of the wind, photographer, porch swing and screamed the entire shoot. Henry was tired and I couldn’t keep his thumb out of his mouth. But the MOST unfortunate thing was that I planned the whole ordeal and assumed the print prices would be reasonable. They were beyond outrageous a little high and I was irritated with a multitude of things. We did, however, get a several good photos of the entire  family. Lesson learned. Shout out to Lynsey, Keri & Mae! Made me appreciate you that much more!

~Our Christmas with Barry’s parents and Katie/Alex/Kids was cozy. Avery gazed into the fire, the boy cousins wrestled and we ate chocolate cake.

DSC06137 DSC06138 DSC06142

DSC06140 DSC06141 DSC06145

DSC06147 DSC06174 DSC06172DSC06175

~Great strides were made in the uncle department! Here’s the proof that she let Uncle Nick hold her and he won the prize for most loved gift. He got her the cutting fruit set pictured two photos up. She loves it.


~Barry and I went on a date to Buns over Texas and Westgate Mall. Oh how life would be different if we had grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles right down the street!


~Henry Boy showers with Daddy these days….here he is peeking over at me during our trip.


~We came home Thursday, went to church Friday night and drove to my Aunt’s ranch in Jacksboro to spend Christmas Day with my Dad’s family. I saw family I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

~ Round 3 is coming up this weekend. Christmas with Mom, Marc & Samuel!

Merry Christmas 2010!


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