Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dumping Photos

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. So I’m dumping the contents of my camera right here in one post. Enjoy. 


For Memom!

A house in our neighborhood excited about the Super Bowl and the icy stadium.


He is a crazy little man.

Crawling, sitting and now standing to try to escape from his crib. DSC06452 DSC06476DSC06544

His sister has a new nose scrunch face that cracks us up.


I surprised Barry for Valentine’s day and left him home alone for the weekend.

Me and the kids visited this Little Buddy aka My Littlest Bro (and his parents) in Austin.

Thanks for letting us take over your house Robb and Marc!

DSC06516 DSC06524 DSC06520 DSC06525 DSC06526 DSC06533 

“Look at me! I sit like a big man in the cart now!”

DSC06535DSC06536 DSC06541

“Mama finally got a photo of my teeth!” 


I spent last weekend at the Mom Heart conference and it was lovely and encouraging.

Barry recruited his peeps to help him with the kids while I was gone.

Thanks Coco and Noog! 

DSC06566 DSC06567

Oh, about those teeth! You saw his sweet bottom two teeth, but he has more. Henry Boy has his top eye teeth/canine teeth (or vampire fangs) and it is so funny. I think it is a bit odd actually because everything I read says those normally come in during the second year around 16-22 months. Still no top two teeth either. I suppose it is normal for Henry though. Any dental folks out there with an opinion?

The blurry proof:

DSC06572 DSC06570 DSC06571

Hope you enjoyed my photo dump!

I promise not to be busy again for awhile,

I know some of my family members in Amarillo were having Two Sweet Beebs withdrawal! Sorry peeps.


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