Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He Is Risen Weekend – Henry’s First Easter!

It started with a little playing around the house. Easter2011 221 Easter2011 228Easter2011 229 

Then we got spiffed up for church.

I dressed Henry Boy in a vest & navy shorts just like I always imagined I would.

Easter2011 248 

From here on out, you will only see Avery scowling at the camera.

Easter2011 251 Easter2011 256 Easter2011 280 Easter2011 281 Easter2011 261Easter2011 266

I just adore them. Look at his dimples and her beautiful hair!

Easter2011 272

Easter2011 285

Watch my sweet Avery’s rapid mood swing.

She morphs into a weasel at the end.    Easter2011 287Easter2011 288Easter2011 289 Easter2011 290 Easter2011 291 Easter2011 292 Easter2011 293

Off to the egg hunt at church.    Easter2011 296 Easter2011 306 Easter2011 320Easter2011 330  Easter2011 334Easter2011 307 Easter2011 335

Easter basket fun!

Many thanks to our family who shipped gobs of goodies to us!

Easter2011 343 Easter2011 344 Easter2011 346 Easter2011 353 Easter2011 366Easter2011 354Easter2011 355Easter2011 356Easter2011 367Easter2011 363

Sweaty, dirty kids with mosquito bites and stained clothes.

A perfect day of celebrating Christ’s resurrection!

Easter2011 372



Mommypotamus said...

That last picture is hilarious!! Avery was really working to keep that smile under wraps, wasn't she?

Kate said...

Okay, the weasel bit made me roll on the floor.
Your kids are gorgeous!