Monday, July 11, 2011

Henry At One Year


  • Weight – 22 pounds
  • Teeth – 8
  • Completely mobile and has even started running.
  • Nicknames – Dougal (pronounced DOO-GUL), Handsome 36, McDougal, Mack Dougal, Henry Boy, Fatty, Fatty McGhee, Sweet Man, Buddy, Little Buddy
  • He will eat anything!  - He especially loves blueberries, peas and carrots. He is not so thrilled about avocado.
  • He nurses 1,945 times a day.
  • He scoots chairs around the house.
  • His hair has grown over his ears but I’m resisting the urge to cut it.
  • He wears shoes only occasionally and doesn’t really like them.
  • He loves to give big hugs and pat me on the back.
  • I rock him for his naps because he is spoiled and I love the feel of a sweaty baby. (Most days)
  • He has no fear and climbs furniture.
  • When he gets mad at Avery (usually because she takes something from him) he chases her while swinging his arms and pulls on her shirt.
  • Favorite Toys – all of our musical toys. He likes to dance.
  • He stayed in Sunday school for the first time this week. The email recap of his morning included “Henry enjoyed books.”
  • He scrunches his nose just like his sister and mama.
  • He rolls his tongue and spits through it.
  • He has a farmer’s tan on his arms and legs.
  • He will eat anything he encounters, even an earthworm. I wasn’t too thrilled about fishing that out of his mouth.
  • He is such a funny little guy.
  • He still has those dimples.
  • He absolutely adores his sister.
  • We love him.



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