Sunday, October 2, 2011

Avery’s First Week – The Letter “A”

  Gluing scraps of paper on the letter A.

DSC08040DSC08039DSC08042 DSC08043 

Critical thinking with Mighty Mind. Really cool activity. Highly recommended by us!


DSC08045 DSC08046 DSC08047 

After brainstorming about her service project for awhile, she chose Annie. Aunt Julie’s dog of course. I gently encouraged her (many) times to choose a human, but she didn’t budge. She picked out a bone and we went to the post office. A couple of days later we got a cute photo of Annie with her bone in Amarillo.


She used her own money and paid herself!

DSC08049 DSC08050 DSC08051

Apple Prints

DSC08060DSC08062 DSC08064 DSC08065 DSC08066 DSC08067 DSC08068 DSC08070 DSC08072

Her sweet Bible verse video – I want to eat her!

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you O, God.  - Psalm 42:1

We had fun, but it is a bit of an adjustment for me to add structured activities. I’ve gotten used to running errands, going to the gym and doing whatever I want during the day. We decided 3-4 times a week was plenty for projects, crafts and activities so we can still walk the mall if I want! Oh, and reading, we read many books and visited the library twice like usual. The letter “A” was a success.


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Vanessa Stegner said...

I love this!! Her scripture was sooo sweet. Good job Teacher momma!