Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Dancing Princess and her Knight in Shining Armor!

 DSC08273 DSC08275 DSC08279 DSC08284 DSC08287 DSC08289 DSC08298 

She finally let me use a curling iron on her hair!  I’m in love!

DSC08303 DSC08307DSC08308 

Barry rigging her dress for an adventure in the bounce house.


Giving Henry a kiss before she went.  DSC08320 DSC08323 DSC08325

The petting zoo – this is a big step folks, big step! DSC08336 DSC08337DSC08339DSC08342 DSC08345 DSC08347 

Henry thinking he can raid Avery’s pumpkin and get some candy. DSC08348 

Henry realizing he can’t have candy. Mean old Mama. DSC08352



joannalee said...

these are such great pix! scrolling down i had in mind a couple to comment on but they just kept getting better =) looks like yall had a great time.

Mandi said...

So cute with all their kisses! Give Avery a high-five for me for petting the animals!!!