Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Henry {An 18 Monthish Update}


  • The big news around here is that Henry is weaned! I went away for the weekend and he was done. Much easier than I expected. I have now nursed one child or another for 38 months of my life. I’m a little sad…..I don’t have babies anymore.
  • Henry Words: Mama, Daddy, Sister, Avery, Henry, Pappy, train, truck, dog, cow, rhino, bird, squirrel, sharp, ball, moon, NO!, water, crackers, seaweed, noodles, banana, popcorn, shoes, socks, hat, please, blue, blueberry, apple, belly, balloon, eye, nose, hair – and probably a few I can’t remember.
  • He loves to give big kisses.
  • He wasn’t interested in reading nearly as early as Avery, but I kept at it and he loves it now. Currently, My Little Word Book is his favorite with Goodnight Gorilla a close second.
  • It seems to {uncoordinated} me, he is already a star wrestler, soccer/baseball/football player. He throws like a man, swings a bat with ease, tackles his sister with specific wrestling moves and dribbles a full-size soccer ball around the yard. I might have to be involved in youth sports to some degree much to my dismay.
  • He cannot play alone. If Avery is away, which isn’t very often, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. I guess it’s a second child issue.
  • He weighs 26 pounds.
  • Avery has started calling him “Little Hen.”
  • He loves her to pieces, especially when she sits and reads to him. She asks him to say words and when he tries, she says “Good boy! I’m so proud of you!” and hugs him.
  • He is the funniest little kid. Rowdy beyond my expectations. Sweeter than I imagined too.

We love you Little Hen!

DSC08562 -Asleep during lunch-




DSC08759 DSC08740





-With beloved Sister-




-A funny vid-




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Mandi said...

Man, I forget how much can happen in a year and a half! He's already so coordinated... seems like just a few months ago he was crawling around your floors bare-bummed. Oh yeah, that was just a few months ago!!! Ha. Thanks for the update - I love watching your kids grow up. :)