Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Escape – Lake Granbury

Barry left me last week to go do “man things” for a few days. So me and the kids planned mall adventures and a trip to the park to feed duck. We even hauled out the pool for the season. Barry knew I would be tired from my solo weekend so he suggested I go spend a night at a hotel to relax when he got home. Such a thoughtful husband.

But what we really needed was some family fun. Barry has been working all the time since the first of the year. We’ve been hit multiple times with evil stomach bugs and strep throat. Avery and I are knee-deep in emotional whining and arguing fits about everything from bedtime to not wanting her hair brushed. Henry blossomed overnight into an almost-2-year-old who wrestles, kicks, leaps and destroys. He gives the sweetest, roughest kisses I’ve ever known.

So I booked us a room at the Hilton on Lake Granbury for 24 hours of fun with the kids. No laundry, cooking or house projects involved. Just hotel beds to jump on, a pool, a “beach” with nasty pee-colored lake water and Oreos.

~Avery loved the lake view from our room~

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~Henry Boy~


~Sweet Avery~


I’ve learned that we don’t always need time AWAY from the kids.

We just need to get away WITH the kids.

Love my family.


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