Friday, June 22, 2012

Hanging out with Dink Melson


You saw the vid of Avery meeting Dink Melson, but here are some still shots!

I have been saying NO to a pet for years, but Dink has been a good fit. It has added the work of litter box obsessing {I empty that thing 3 times a day for fear of smell} and disciplining her kitten behavior. I also have to teach my kids how to respond and interact with her. Poor Henry is always in trouble because he likes to pull/poke/pinch ALL DAY LONG occasionally. Avery loves her, but often tells me to “make that kitty be nice and not feisty Mama.”

DSC09127 DSC09129 

Waiting in the meet-and-greet room.



Meeting and greeting.


In the beginning, we did a lot of this. She was 1 pound, 5 ounces when we got her.


Now we do a lot of this: hunting, hiding and stalking.

She has more than doubled her weight in 4 weeks.


We’re off to get her woman parts removed next weekend – no reproductive yowling in my future.

She is a good little kitty and I look forward to her attacking our ankles for many years to come.



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