Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cruz at the Mall

It isn’t every day a little girl wants to name her kitten after a professional baseball player - when she decided Dink Melson Cruz was perfect we couldn’t say no.


Fast forward six months and you’ll find us driving to the mall. Barry went to dinner with his Amarillo buddy Ty so I took the kids to the mall playground for the evening. We walked into Sears {because it is the closest entrance to the play area of course} and ran right into this guy.

And do you know what he was doing?! Getting his family portraits taken at the Sears studio! His parents (or his wife/girlfriend’s parents?} were hanging out and he was taking a break to chat on the cell. So I pulled Avery aside and pointed him out and went about my business. I called the biggest Rangers fan on the planet Memom to tell her our fun mall news and she told me to get back in there and chat with him! So we headed back to Sears and I hoped he was off the cell and I could snag him.

He was very nice and when I told him Avery was a big fan and even named her kitten after him, he said “Really?!” and then said “Let’s take a picture.” But when your favorite baseball player, who is 6’2”, 250 pounds and dressed all in black comes to pick you up, you just might freak out and start crying. So we settled for a photo {with Sears mattresses in the background} with Henry Boy.

Nelson Cruz

{Hey, it’s the best I could do while holding a crying Avery}

I still can’t get over how hilarious it is that a man who made $6.2 million in 2012 was getting family portraits at Sears! It proves that I’m a snob and he is of course a better person than me. He would rather spend his money on fire trucks for his hometown in the Dominican Republic I suppose.

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