Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Bella

It started through the fence. Avery’s love affair with our neighbor’s Pomeranian. For six months they chatted and occasionally her owners tossed her over the fence so Avery could play with her for a hour or two. Then one day Bella kept showing up in our yard, even after I tossed her back over. After searching for two days, I discovered a tiny whole in the fence where she was squeezing through. So after chatting with her owners we repaired the fence so we wouldn’t have to mess with a feisty dog  installed a baby gate with a latch so Avery could have “play dates.” This is when suggestions from Barry and various family members {JULIE!} started. I said NO!

There were many dramatic encounters that went like this:

Me: Avery, Bella cannot come over right now. Do not open the baby gate.

Avery: I will not obey you about this! Bella loves me and I love Bella!

And she would open the baby gate and then be in big trouble. {Despite the fact that I laughed out loud at her declaration of love.} This continued for weeks when one evening we discovered Avery’s whole head was covered in flea bites. After inspecting Bella, we realized she was completely infested with hideous fleas. Barry decided to ask the owners if they would like us to adopt her. They had three dogs and had already given one away.

Much to my dismay, they were very excited to let us adopt Bella.

And that is how we came to own Bella around January 1st! She is a good little dog and perfect for Avery. I gripe and complain and she still only get a few pats a day from me, but she is a good addition to the family.

The Play Date Days

{All from my cell, so bad quality}



The Last Two Months




We bought her a pink princess dog house and she lived happily ever after, until………


…this PIT BULL jumped over our fence and tried to eat her!


Here is the pit bull drama in bullets:

  • Our back neighbor has a friend move in with him temporarily. The friend brings a pit bull along.
  • The pit bull jumps our fence to investigate multiple times over a six week time period. {Above pic}
  • I visit the neighbor {twice} to discuss my concerns. You know, like Henry losing an arm.
  • Neighbor is frustrated that the dog jumps the fence but says he’ll work on it.
  • They install a chain and build a weird cage for the dog. I’m somewhat pleased at the effort.
  • The dog was not aggressive in general, but she watched me while I worked in the yard. Reminds me of this scene in The Omen where the devil child is always followed by dogs.
  • At 10pm on a Thursday night, Barry woke up and said Bella was making noise and all the dogs were barking like crazy. I was awake watching TV.
  • We unlocked the back door and realized Bella was fighting in the very dark, very back of the yard.
  • We thought it was a raccoon.
  • None of our flashlights worked and the floodlight didn’t reach where she was.
  • Barry was sleep-walking and so confused and went to the garage to get a weapon or light or something of use.
  • I got the feeling it was NOT a raccoon, got impatient and grabbed a garden spade to
  • I plunged into the darkness in my night apparel and found that pit bull trying to EAT BELLA.
  • I whacked her with the spade, Bella escaped from her mouth and I screamed and swung until she leaped back over her fence.
  • Bella’s previous owner heard my yelling and came over. Snapping pictures on her phone.


  • I got dressed and went crazy at the neighbor’s house where the pit bull lived and made the woman of the home cry. Oops.
  • When I returned, Barry and me loaded her up to go to the pet hospital and our neighbor stayed with the {sleeping} kids.
  • Bella stayed overnight, has wounds and bruises and probably nerve damage to her front leg.
  • She is doing much better; still limping and the scabs are coming off to reveal deep, bloody holes.
  • The pit bull is gone.
  • We have received $100 so far from them to cover the $450 hospital bill.
  • A fence company is coming tomorrow to give us a bid on a privacy fence.

The End

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