Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Husband - Super Volunteer!

Barry and I volunteered at our church festival on Halloween night. It's the biggest outreach of the year for the church........there were 30,000 people in attendance and 800 volunteers. I was shocked at the set-up. It was like a mini fair. I was placed at the beloved cookie walk. You know, that game where you walk in circles until you land on the number they call out. I was the "caller" and I admit that I cheated. Yes, I sinned at the church event. Some of those kids walked forever for one stupid cookie. So, I would watch my chosen kid to see what number they landed on and I would pretend to draw a number.........I think God condones this type of sin. My favorite part of the night was watching Barry play referee in the Gladiator jousting dome. Enjoy this video of one of his matches!


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Anonymous said...

I was just waiting to see you jump in there and start swingin Nigger B style! Taken em' out