Monday, March 17, 2008

22 Weeks - Boycott Over

My boycott of maternity clothes has officially come to an end. I can no longer wear my old pants due to the fact that they cut off the circulation to the lower half of my body. Let me tell you a little story about maternity clothes. THEY ARE LAME! It seems like a trivial thing to gripe about, I know, but brings me to my list of things I’ve learned in the last 22 weeks.

1. Craig’s List is awesome. We’ve purchased half of our nursery from perfect strangers and saved a TON of money. I mean, our little girl doesn’t really need a vibrating papasan chair, but for $25 and a quick drive about 4 blocks away, I couldn’t pass it up.

2. As I mentioned above, maternity clothes are stupid. Ok, I did find a new “patent-pending secret fit belly” style that I like. So, after I purchase every item they sell in that particular style, I guess I’m out of luck.

3. My husband is an exceptional human. He cooks, does laundry (and only occasionally ruins an article of clothing), washes the cars almost weekly and even takes on extra shifts on the weekend in the crazy ER to make some “baby cash.” I could go on and on…….I’ve always known he was a good guy, that’s why I married him, but he has gone above and beyond during my pregnancy.

4. Your life and body becomes public property during pregnancy. I had my first “toucher” the other day. A co-worker reached to touch my belly and then quickly asked if it was okay. Another person commented on my lunch, informing me that I should be eating more calories. Oh, and my favorite:

Person: “What hospital are you using?”
Me: “We’re planning a home birth.”
Person: Blank stare; it is almost as if I’ve mutated into an alien before their eyes.

The above picture is my favorite maternity clothes. The "house outfit." Oh, and Barry with his favorite "cooking drink."

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