Tuesday, March 4, 2008


And I quote: "There are too few genuine surprises in life and I love a good surprise." This is what I said approximately 4 weeks ago about finding out whether Ripley has a penis or vagina.

Well, this is really what I thought until about 3 days ago. See, Barry has always preferred to know the gender but he was pretty much down with whatever I chose. And then there's Robb (my mom for those of you who don't know) who whispered promises of pink or blue clothes if we found out. It all became too much and I became struck with curiosity over the weekend! Barry and I discussed pros and cons while I walked and he wobbled on the bike next to me. It's a difficult thing to go that slow on a bike....

We decided on a game of rock-paper-scissors. If I won, we don't find out. If he wins, we do. Well, we did a 2 out of 3 game and I lost! Secretly, I was glad I lost, which means that all of my stubborn talk about a surprise at the birth has been thrown out the window.

Unless some member of our very large family already e-mailed or called you, you're probably wondering the results.

Please close this window and go buy something pink.......because it's a GIRL!

Everything else is going well....I gained 5 pounds since my last appointment, which is a good thing because I lost 10 in my 1st trimester! My blood pressure is low and she regularly reminds me she's in there by pounding on my uterus. And if he asks nice, Barry can now feel her doink his hand.

Enjoy the pics!

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Mandi said...

Oooooh how exciting to know!!! It would have been exciting either way, so yay for you guys!!! You're looking fab, Whittney. Keep up the good vibes and thanks for the update!