Sunday, June 22, 2008

Megan - Our Practice Baby

This is Megan, also known as "Poop Baby." Why does this nice doll have such a dreadful nickname? I've been told that I defiled her by putting poop in her mouth during a trip to the bathroom as a toddler. Thankfully, my loving family cleaned her up, named her Poop Baby and she's been traveling with me through life for about 25 years. Here she is in her swing after I swaddled's not an easy art to learn and I figured it might be good to practice with Megan before I attempted it with a newborn whose arms actually flail. Although, Megan's legs and arms flop around a bit oddly because they need to be sewn back on her body....she's losing her stuffing.

Testing the car seat.....

And me at 36 weeks....I do not understand how our camera actually causes swelling of the face!!

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