Sunday, June 29, 2008

37 Weeks...Zoo Time

We decided to make our annual trip to the zoo this weekend. And as usual, I planned our morning around food....Einstein Bros. Bagels. You should visit one if you get a chance. So good. We had a good time, except for when the rude employee told me they didn't have snow cones like advertised. Idiots.

I also had a visit with the midwife on Thursday. Barry asked her if she could guess Ripley's weight at this point and she did...about 6-6.5 pounds. If she was right, that means that Ripley could easily add another 2 pounds between now and my due date. I see that one person has voted on the poll for over 9lbs......we shall see soon.

Here is Barry. Concentrating very hard on the rhinos.

And me..notice the zebra in the distance. Barry tried hard to get an animal in my belly shot.

And the tourist shot...with sweat pouring off my face.

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Marc and Laura Rose said...

Yeah, the 9 pounder vote - that was Marc. He thinks he's funny...