Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birth Plan FAQ's

As my due date approaches, I'm asked more and more questions about our birth plan. Here's a few FAQ's for my loyal blog readers.

1. Will you have access to pain medications? No epidural or narcotics, but I will have a lovely pool of warm water and a cute husband (probably sporting a do-rag) to massage me.

2. Will you deliver in the pool? I don't really know. She will be born wherever I am most comfortable.

3. What if something goes wrong? We are very close to a hospital if there is an emergency and we have made a plan if transport is necessary. Just a friendly reminder: many problems that you see on TV or hear about from friends are caused or exacerbated by too much medical intervention. We hope to avoid common problems by being alone in our bedroom to let my body do what it was designed by God to do.

4. When will the baby see a doctor/pediatrician? My midwife is trained to do newborn care for the first several weeks. We have however met with a doctor who will see Ripley at 2 weeks old, unless she has a medical problem and then the doctor will see her right away.

Please submit any other questions in writing and I will gladly add them to the list! I know, I'm bored and I'm a dork.

Here's the cool birth pool that has taken over our nursery.

Here are some of the birth supplies. Herbs, gloves, umbilical cord clamp, etc...

And one of my TJ Maxx purchases........I might have to go back to work to afford her clothes.


Mandi said...

Good questions, and great explanations! I can't wait for the Big Day to come and to see pictures of your new baby girl, Whittney!!!

Tabitha said...

Wishing you a smooth and stressfree birth. Good luck to you and Barry!