Sunday, July 13, 2008

I will NOT stop shopping!

My first week of unemployment was pretty good. I managed to stay busy shopping, cleaning and hanging out by the pool. Barry's co-workers had a baby shower for us on Friday at the hospital and we got a lot of nice stuff and gift cards! I had my first day of feeling "ick" yesterday so maybe it's a sign that this baby is coming soon. My feeling blah didn't stop me from shopping though....TJ Maxx had baby clothes on clearance! Here I am at 39 weeks.

We received this lovely gift in the mail Friday and we don't know who sent it. It's a fancy Hotsling..........but the invoice said nothing of a sender. Who are you?

And here's a picture of the nursery before we moved everything to make room for the birth pool. We kept it pretty simple...a necessity in an apartment.

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