Saturday, July 26, 2008

Super TIRED....but making it!

Well, we have managed to feed and diaper our little girl since her birth without any huge mishaps. I thought we had been blessed with a perfectly calm child after day 1....but when she recovered from the birth and actually woke up we learned her lungs work quite well. She lost very little weight after the birth, has had no jaundice and is eating well. We are meeting with a lactation consultant tomorrow to get some help to make breastfeeding as good as it can be.

Barry has been such a help and I can't imagine taking on this new adventure without him. He only thinks I'm slightly crazy...he rocked Avery last night after I fed her while I got some sleep and when he brought her to the bedroom for her next feeding I was completely out of it. I asked him 3 times where Barry was. He finally said "I'm Barry." Oh dear.

Prayers are much appreciated during our transition to parenthood. Now here are what you really want to see. Avery pictures.

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Mandi said...

It sounds like you guys are acting like a great team! Hang in there, sleep and sanity will return to you soon... ;0)