Monday, August 25, 2008

Tidbits from our Life

*I was holding Avery and Barry came up and started kissing me....not realizing the Avery was awake. He looked at her and said "Don't look at me." And then he walked away. LOL!

*Barry and I have both "ordered and run" at Sonic and McDonald's. I thought I had a few more minutes before she got hungry and I really wanted that cheeseburger...she started screaming and the line in the drive-thru was too long. Barry was dealing with a case of the screams when the car stops....she didn't care that he wanted a Cherry Limeade. The car needs to always be in motion!

*It was a Daddy weekend! Barry cruised around Southlake while I got my hair cut and then watched her while I spent a very long 2 hours at the cloth diaper store in Dallas. He also fed Avery her first bottle.....I cried but he thought it was pretty cool. Apparently I'm a bit more attached to our breastfeeding relationship than I thought. She did marvelously and behaved just like she would at the breast. It's good to know that if I had to be away she wouldn't starve.

Her first trip to Target..slept the whole time.


She loves baths.

She WAS watching Lord of the Rings with was too intense I guess.

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