Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amarillo - Part 1 - "The Drive"

We stopped in Vernon, TX at Taco Casa...fully expecting to get food poisoning. But it was one of the best tacos I've ever had. The service is bad and they won't get your order completely right, but it's a nice change from McDonald's. Be sure and order the Taco Supreme.

You should also stop at one of the big rest areas...after all millions of your tax dollars were used to create them. Barry used our child's feet to browse on their touch-screen computer.

I have a touch of motion sickness in the back seat of a car....so I drove most of the way and Barry entertained Avery. He also created a sun block and a mobile for her viewing pleasure.

Ah...the pacifier. This was our first experience with this plastic device and I must admit that is was great in the car. When she would get upset and start straining against her car seat straps, the pacifier would lull her back to sleep.

I was having a hard time though....nobody really wants to see their child with an accessory that covers half their face. Barry sweetly reminded me that we do not live in an African village. I can't carry her in a sling and have my boobs hanging out 24 hours a day. I might get arrested at Wal-mart. This is true...so we now own a pacifier.

Hanging out with Dad under a tree in Vernon! He likes to fly her around like an airplane.

The first real smile captured on camera! Smiling at her Mama of course.....

Stay tuned for Amarillo - Part 2

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Mandi said...

You guys are awesome. An African village... that would be nice at times, just for the sake of our boobs. Happy pacifying.