Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have some awesome pictures from our trip to Amarillo, but I really don't want to fight with Vista to upload them. So, a list of things I'm thankful for will have to do for now.

1. A loving God who always provides exactly what we need.

2. My sweet natured Avery, who has slept from 7 hours every night we've been here and loves everybody...even her mean uncles.

3. My wonderful husband, who was so excited to get here to see Avery, that he got a $165 speeding ticket.

4. My fun family. See Cast of Characters to your right for more on these crazies.

5. An empowering birth that made me a confident mother.

6. A group of friends that encourage and support me in my new role.

7. My stay-at-home mom status. Praise the Lord for Barry's job!

8. And last, but certainly not least, Oreo Cakesters.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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