Sunday, January 4, 2009

Breaking News!

I really don't want to be "that mom" who discusses my child's bodily functions on the blog, but it's important to this story. Her bowel habits have changed in the last week and it was starting to worry me. My diet hasn't changed so I assumed either sickness or A LOT of swallowed saliva (due to teething) was causing her issues. This morning we discovered what I think is the culprit.

We have a little "scissor mouth!"

Two very sharp teeth have emerged on her lower sweet beebs is practically an adult.



Mandi said...

Whaaaaat!?!?! No way!!

Whittney said...


lsprad said...

Oh Little Avery is getting big!! Hang in there mama!!

JB and Cindy said...

So how is nursing w/ lil' teeth? I hope all is well. You have become quite the talented photographer, I love it. I miss you too, hopefully we can find some more time to hang out soon! Love ya.