Friday, January 2, 2009

Rolling, Grabbing & Sitting

I don't know if it was the Panhandle air or her desire to beat Uncle Sam, but Avery made great strides in development in Amarillo. She has rolled over occasionally in the past two months, but during our visit she perfected her roll. She's obsessed actually..rolling is her mission and she gets very frustrated when her arm doesn't do as she commands.

Her little hands have come to life in a big way. She grabs everything at the speed of light. I gave her a piece of junk mail to play with assuming that I had at least 2 minutes before she either poked her eye out or swallowed bits of paper. I was very wrong. She had a paper cut on her nose and I was fishing paper out of her mouth in less than 30 seconds. I'm getting used to injuries as our little beebs grows.

Sitting still needs a lot of work, but those back muscles are so strong. She sits up and carefully leans forward to try it out. She ends up face down, flopping like a fish and smiling when I save her.

We have new struggles to accompany this excitement though. A sassy yell to get Mama's attention. A crying fit when she drops her toy on the floor at the store and doesn't get it back. A frustrated screech when she gets belly down and can't get back over to her back. We're in the middle ground where her brain wants to sit, crawl and walk......but she isn't quite there yet.

Mobility will bring her freedom!

We do occasionally have sweet moments of stillness and quiet.


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